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W32/Mariofev!mem virus can't delete


I really need some help to remove the W32/Mariofev!mem from my computer. Mc Afee detected it but can't not remove it. It is in a file call services.exe.

What can I do?

Please help me!!!


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Re: W32/Mariofev!mem virus can't delete

McAfee calls this one "Patched User32". Read carefully the "Characteristics" and "Removal" sections at and follow the instructions there.

If your McAfee program cannot remove this, I doubt whether GetSusp will be fully effective against it since a lot of the damage is in the registry, but it will at least identify any suspect files and so might be worth running. You should certainly try the Stinger tool, which is downloadable from HERE.

If the infection is still present follow the removal instructions HERE.

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Re: W32/Mariofev!mem virus can't delete

Have you tried a scan in safe mode?

Read this as well,w32-mariofev-mem,removal-tips.html

There is a Doc with some other suggested programs you can try the stingers and getsusp the latter will find any files that are suspicious and send them to Mcafee. If you have added your email addy to the preferences Mcafee will update you re the files and any new dat to fix them.

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