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How do I get rid of W32/Blasterworm malware on my laptop?  I was infected while my McAfee was running and current from a McAfee approved website.  I pay for this anti-virus software and it shouldn't be so difficult to get rid of the malware.  I'm running a scan right now, but it's not picking up anything.

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Re: W32/Blasterworm

Hi Cbick,

Please provide the Operating system on your computer and DAT version of McAfee on your computer. Did you run McAfee Full scan? When did your computer get infected?

Please check the  previous discussion about W32/Blasterworm

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Re: W32/Blasterworm

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Blaster has been on the books for at least 6 years and should easily be removable, if not in regular mode, try Safe Mode by tapping F8 repeatedly while booting up then got to Computer (My Computer (XP)) and right-click the hard drive and select Scan.

It could also be a sign that your operating system is lagging behind in updates as the monthly Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool scan would normally wipe it and any variantsout.

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Re: W32/Blasterworm

Hello -

I doubt very much if you are infected by Win32.BlasterWorm - sound more like a fake scan page trying to scare you into downloading a fake antispyware/virus rogue.

Just because you visited a reputable website does not mean anything these days, it could have been a malicious banner ad that has been hacked server side - or JS.iFrame has been injected into the webpage.

Never have scripting, Java, PDF, Sliverlight, Flash enabled in your browser by default , also blocking banner ads will help as well.

If you use Firefox with NoScript these can be disabled by the addon.

Download, Install, update and run a scan with these reputable antispyware programmes.

on 17/03/11 17:09:04 GMT
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Re: W32/Blasterworm

Thanks for the feedback.  It was the spyware protection malware - I think I picked it up last night since that was when all the windows and warning popped up.  I ran a full scan with mcafee in safemode and nothing was found.  I ended up down loading malwarebytes updates to an external drive on a differenct computer and getting rid of it that way.   I'm running XP on a 1 yr old netbook.

I checked my windows updates and those were all current.  My Mcafee expires in less than a month, and I'm not going to renew it.  I've heard good things about MS free securtiy product and at this point I'm not that impressed with Mcafee. 

I understand that no security product is perfect, and that any website can spread any malware or virus, but if a product I'm paying for can't protect me from a malware that I know has been around for a long time (this is the second time I've had it.) why bother paying for it.  I'm sure I can get at least the same protection from free software from Microsof and malwarebytes.

Thanks again


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