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Vista Total Security 2011

This virus managed to get through McAfee, and the anti-virus scan did no good in identifying it.  It disabled my internet connection.  I looked the virus up on my iPhone, and called McAfee. I was emailed a link for McAfee Virtual Technician.  I was able to run Vista in safe mode, after which, I was able to run Vista normally, and get online to access this link.  It found nothing, just like the virus scan.  Is there some way to get rid of this virus?

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Re: Vista Total Security 2011

Moved to Malware Assistance > Home User Assistance.

This is fake antimalware and as such gets past most antivirus applications as it relies on the computer user clicking on something to activate it.

It is described here along with an excellent removal guide:

Scroll down the page as the first links you see are advertising.

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Re: Vista Total Security 2011


Do you know how to boot into Safe Mode?

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Re: Vista Total Security 2011

That got it, thank you.

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