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Vista Security Tool 2010

I am being bombarded with pop-ups from Vista Security Tool 2010. I realize this is rogueware and have ran my McAfee scan (I purchased a membership with the laptop). It finds nothing. I just downloaded Malwarebyte's Anti-malware program and it's currently scanning my computer... Why doesn't McAfee block this? Please help me!!

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Re: Vista Security Tool 2010

Hello sabrinacurtis,

I'm not from McAfee support team, but I think you should send the infected file (rogue installer) to McAfee. Apparently, they don't have Vista Security Tool 2010 in their database yet. Malwarebytes' is a good choice. Don't forget to update it by the way. Otherwise, it will probably won't detect it. Also, you may use SUPERAntispyware or Spybot S&D if Malwarebytes' fails. More information about Vista Security Tool 2010 can be found here:

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Re: Vista Security Tool 2010

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