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Vista Scan 2011 "virus"

I apologize to the mods first of all if this is in the wrong place.

I have this stupid thing on my laptop and no apparent reasons why. I read a discussion that pointed to tools (ex. Stinger) to remove this but it won't let me go online let alone access any programs. So please do not direct me to go to any websites to download something. I am on another laptop. First of all, why does my McAfee not stop this type of thing? Not the technical reasons, the reason why I pay not to be protected. I understand the concept of "fake viruses".  Reason to be furious number one. What am I supposed to do to get rid of it if I can't go online or open any kind of program? Reason number two to be furious. Is there a box product I can buy that I can run from a disk that will get rid of it? Reason to be furious number three. I would like a realistic solution please.

Thank you

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Re: Vista Scan 2011 "virus"

None of the antivirus makers can stop these things unfortunately, hence the many 3rd party tools available for such purposes, and they work in such a way that something, no matter how trivial, has to be done by the recipient to activate them in the first place.

Is that the actual name word-for-word?   I can't find it online.

Can you access the Internet in 'Safe Mode with Networking'?  It is reached by tapping F8 repeatedly while booting up and then selecting it from the ensuing menu, usually it's the second item on the list.

If so try installing, updating (important) and running a full scan with the FREE version of THIS software.

If that is not possible then try "Saving As" the MBAM setup file to a flash drive using the machine you are on now and, as a precaution against further problems, change its name to something like 1234.exe or similar as malware often blocks known cures.

Then booting the infected machine into Safe Mode with Networking and inserting the flash drive and try installing the software and updating it before running it - in that mode.

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Re: Vista Scan 2011 "virus"

It's actually called Vista Security 2011. There is a forum post on it here somewhere. Yes, I opened in both regular and with network safe modes and ran 2 scans with McAfee. Found nothing. No I can' t go to any websites to download anything. I think I mentioned that I can't access the internet at all. I'm on a second laptop. I could try to dowload from your link onto a flash drive...if I can find one that has enough memory.

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Re: Vista Scan 2011 "virus"

The setup file is around 7.5 megabytes so the drive needs to be 8mb or more..

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Re: Vista Scan 2011 "virus"

I guess I'll give it a shot. The internet is full of posts that show failure with this method. I wish execution was the punishment for making malware and viruses. Not considering this problem answered or done until it is though.

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Re: Vista Scan 2011 "virus"

Hi dinom,

Try the following steps for the infection that you have. (Go through this message completely before you try this)

Open the run window on the computer (Windows+R on keyboard)

Type "Control Folders", press Ok

On the Folder Options windows, select the tab "View"

Go through the list of options that you have under it and find the one that says "Show hidden files and folders" -- Select the option

Uncheck the options - "Hide extentions for known file types" and "Hide protected OS files"

On unchecking the second option mentioned above, you will receive a warning - Click yes on it.

Once the above actions are made, click OK on the Folder Options window.

open the start menu. Click on computer

Go to the foll location c:\users\<user profile*>\app data\local     *user profile is the folder with the name of the account that you usually login to on the computer(usually your name or nickname depending on how it was creted initially)

At this location, you will find 1 or more files with 3 lettters as the name and a ".exe extension (eg- abc.exe)

Right click on the file. Select the option Rename

Take out the exe part of the file name.

When you try this, you will receive a warning saying that changing the extension will make the file unusable --- That's exactly what we want. This file/files are the ones associated with the infection.

Once you have renamed the file successfully, log off from the computer or restart the computer.

You will find that you are no longer receiving the popups.

Now go to the same location once again and delete the renamed files.

The infection has been removed.

Now we have another problem to deal with.

Removing the infectin imposes a file association error on the computer. - You might not be able to open any programs or applications. You will receive a box with a list of different programs which you can use to open the application you are trying to. Regardless of what program you choose, it'll give you the same box repeatedly.

To fix this problem, close out all windows or applications so that you are at the desktop screen.

Open run (Windows+R on keyboard)

Type in

You will receive a file security warning asking you what to do with program - Run the file

The above link is for a file which contains registration entries which will fix the file association error on the computer. It is in no way malicious or harmful to the computer.

Once you have executed the above file, you'll be good to go.

Hope it works out for you.


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Re: Vista Scan 2011 "virus"

Vista Internet Security 2012 / Vista Home Security 2012./ Vista Anti Virus / Windows 7 Security  2012 all these are same spayware.

If you are trying to remove this spyware, there are full instructions on how to do    that manually at the link :


There is a possibility that you will not be able to open any exe file after the removal of virus

I will provide you one registry key. Download and run it. It will fix the issue with that open with  issue.

To fix that one try

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