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Vista Anitvirus 2010 help

I have AT&T security suite power by McAfee and I kept getting attack by the Vista Anitvirus 2010.  I remove it and it kept returning.  I have call AT&T tech to no avail.  They are telling me to call Gateway....duh.  I have restored my computer 2 times and it's still happening.  Please help....

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Re: Vista Anitvirus 2010 help

Hi illeana,

I am sorry to say that vista antivirus 2010 is a spyware infection by itself & not a genuine program. However not worry , in order to remove this virus from your PC you can avail McAfee virus removal service which is a paid service or you can scan your PC using McAfee free scan tool by downloading it from this link mentioned below :


Rakesh P

McAfee TS

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Re: Vista Anitvirus 2010 help

Rakeesh, we need some input from McAfee.

McAfee Retired
McAfee Retired
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Re: Vista Anitvirus 2010 help


Firstly no AV company in the world will offer you 100% virus detection. New malware is written all the time, and although there is a lot of proactive technology in our software there will always be some things we don't catch immediately.

The Virus Removal Service is an option for anyone to use, McAfee customer or not - however we do produce and provide free tools and KB articles to help our customers.

Here are some things to try:

Step 1: Ensure Windows and McAfee are up to date

Run Windows Update, and also update on your McAfee software. SecurityCenter must be green and show that protection is enabled. If it is red, please post what item shows not protected.

Step 2: Run Scan and Stinger in Safe Mode With Networking Support

  1. Restart your computer and press F8 repeatedly while booting up. You'll see a boot screen with choices.
  2. Using your cursor keys, select Safe Mode With Networking Support. Your PC will boot in a low resolution state and most processes will not be run.
  3. Go to My Computer (in XP) or Computer ( in Vista / 2007),
  4. Right-click the hard drive and select Scan from the drop-down menu. You'll notice an extra taskbar icon. If you hover over it, it will display a progress report.
  5. After the scan completes, make a note of anything it detected.
  6. Download the FakeAlert stinger and save it to your Desktop.
  7. Run Stinger.

If you're still having problems, try, the following:

Run the Stinger again, but this time click Preferences and change "On virus detection" to Report Only, set the "Heuristics" level to VERY HIGH, and disable the option to Scan inside compressed files.

Post to the community what (if anything) the Safe Mode scan reported, and also paste in the Stinger report.

Some of the most common malware we see is referred to as FakeAlert. It looks like valid security software. Please read the articles below for more information on FakeAlert and other Rogue applications:

Step 3: Submit a sample to McAfee Labs

If you know which file is infected, please upload it using any of the methods described here: How to submit a sample to McAfee Labs.

There is always a gap in protection between when a new threat hits the Internet and a security vendor such as McAfee becomes aware of the threat and and combats it. McAfee uses Artemis technology to narrow that gap, but if we miss something, we must receive a sample of it. It could be a new variant that hasn't been discovered yet. If we have a DAT for it, the automated system will send you that DAT. If we don't yet, your sample will be assigned to a McAfee Labs Engineer for investigation.

Step 4: Remove the Virus:

Self Virus Removal

McAfee provides many free tools to assist you. In addition to our Virus Information Library:, where you can find information on thousands of viruses and malware, you can download diagnostic tools here:

Community Support

Our volunteer and employee moderators are happy to assist you within our best efforts here in the community. Please perform the initial steps 1-3 above and post the reports they generate in your initial thread. That way hopefully, we can get right to the troubleshooting.

Hope this helps,


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Re: Vista Anitvirus 2010 help

You are right. But the real issue is that why is Mcafee asking Mcafee customers to pay for Virus Removal if the subscriber has already paid Mcafee an advance of 1 to 2 years of protection. Mcafee is bound to give protection to its users free of charge. Mean while Mcafee claims that it gets thousands of new viruses each day. But I have been a tracker of Mcafee updated details and have noted that seldom do they day updates of more that 500 AV signatures a day. This creates a huge back log to virus data base taht they have to work on.

The backlog of viruese not worked on immediately by Mcafee is causing it's customers dis-satifaction. Mcafee unlike Norton does not trust on what users say and this leads to less proactive approach. Mcafee's drawback is that it does not allow you to quarntine files suspicious and send for analysis.

Mcafee has to rework its approach of Internet Security and Emerging threats and hold high the statement that "no AV company in the world will offer you 100% virus detection. New malware is written all the time, and although there is a lot of proactive technology in our software there will always be some things we don't catch immediately".

I know an anitvirus which does just that.  Macfee wake up. Please...

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Re: Vista Anitvirus 2010 help

Hi Sam, thank you for your reply. I appreciate no company can guarantee to cover all viruses, trojans, spyware, malware etc. My issue is that there is no immediate help to deal with such issues. Total Vista Security is not new and there are many people with an issue with this and possible variants. A simple message from McAfee to its customers would help. I have spent all of today trying to get my computer working and to be told to receive technical support would cost be almost £60 is of great concern. This would amount to an absolute fortune if all those with the issue paid, this cannot be in any way justified.

I am currently performin a complete scan using Super Anti Spyware. I had already made sure my McAfee was up to date, which it is, and I had started my computer in safe mode with networking and I had run the stinger, which as I mentioned showed there were about 1400 issues but then did not show how I could remove them. If the Super Anti Spyware fails to remove it I will try the stinger again in the way you have described.

I am now finding it almost impossible to use the internet as I am being blocked by Total Vista Security, could you inform Microsoft of these as it may help us all if they knew. it is posing as their software and I think they should really help AV companies sort this out.

Unfortunately, I do not know the file the virus is in but if I did I would send it to McAfee. I have not come across the many tools that McAfee has to help in this, could you let me know where we might find them. I will look at the other two links you mentioned, however, we need removal tools as well as diagnostic ones.

thanks for you help I will post how I get on but do still feel that there should be some more input from McAfee.



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Re: Vista Anitvirus 2010 help

I ran the Super Anti Spyware which has removed the Total Vista Security, however, I am now unable to open exe files. I have looked on the web and can find some programs that may be able to help but I cant run them because they are exe files. Does anyone know how to resolve this. I cant be the only one with this issue and unless we find a good wortkable solution to Total Visa Security many others will suffer, as well as thos already affected.

I still think McAfee could be doing more and I will be writing to McAfee later today. I will make others of this situatiuon and will let everyone know the response I receive.

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Re: Vista Anitvirus 2010 help


You do not need to download an exe. file to restore the file association, it is a reg. file, see this thread.

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Re: Vista Anitvirus 2010 help

thank you for your reply, however, I checked the link and it asks me to download Registry Reviver, I did this and it did a scan and then informs me I need to buy the software to fix the errors. At his stage I believe there should be a way this can be fixed without my, and many others having to buy further software. Whereas, I am fine to buy software I need, which I have always done so I strongly feel that McAfee and in this case Microsoft should be supporting people, in this situation, better. In my search for a solution I have come across an incredible amount of messages from others that have experienced or are experiencing similar issues and have found it equally as difficult to sort out.

Total Vista Security, which is posing as a Microsoft program, has been know for a while, just look a the google entries. Therefore, people should have ben warned about it and those in a position to do so should have helped prevent it from continuing to affect peoples computers.

On behalf of others I will persue this with those concened until we get a proper solution, ie a link to the software that will remove the issue and ensure all items are still working, in my case I have seemingly removed Total Vista Security, using Super Anti Spyware, but it, as you are aware, the exe files will not open.

I have 4 pc's networked, and I am now currently using one of the other ones. How do I stop Total Vista Security affecting the other 3.

Has McAfee blocked the Total Vista Security virus?

Message was edited by: cpdp on 28/03/10 09:56:19 CDT

Message was edited by: cpdp on 28/03/10 10:01:08 CDT
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Re: Vista Anitvirus 2010 help

Looks like you have clicked on an ad, never saw any ads on that page as all ads are blocked. Furthermore, i have never heard of Registry Reviver, i would suggest you uninstall the programme.

You can pursue the matter as much as you like, as stated in the other thread, vendors need samples in order protect users, regardless of whether that particular rogue has been around for 1 day or 1 month, these type of programs morph to avoid detection.

I have attached the reg fix to my post. Downloaded/extract the fix to your desktop and double-click on it, it will ask if you wish to merge with the registry, select yes. Your exe files should now be working.

Message was edited by: paullotion on 28/03/10 18:35:12 IST

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