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Hi all,

        Am new here and would just like to say hello to everyone!  My problem is that l logged on  this past Sat. and after a few minutes l got a McAfee pop-up warning me that a potentially unwanted program was looking into my l clicked on the decline entry and proceeded with my work. A few minutes later another McAfee pop-up told me that this program had succsesfully lodged in my registry!!!!

The computer then closed down and l have'nt been able to start it up since. l get to Windows welcome page and when l try to log on it immediatly logs off, same in safe mode! Anyone any ideas......please!!

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Re: Virus...

If the sample meets our PUP criteria, detection and removal will be supported in a future DAT release for qualifying products:

VirusScan 8.0i with the AntiSpyware plug-in
VirusScan 7.1 with the AntiSpyware plug-in
VSE 8.x (Top 200 PUPs only)
VSE 7.1 (Top 200 PUPs only, detection only)

McAfee AntiSpyware
VirusScan Online (Top 200 PUPs only)

We are unable to provide more details at this time and are working towards making more information available in the future.  Due to the nature of detection and removal, Extra DATs are not provided for PUPs.

In order to get the fastest possible response, you may wish to submit future virus-samples to <>. In most cases it can respond almost instantly with a solution.

For other virus-related information, please see the AVERT homepage at:

Solution -

To ensure that you have the maximum available capability of detecting and cleaning this malware on your system, please make sure you have the latest engine.

Engine and DAT updates are available at:

Support -

Virus Research accepts file-samples for analysis and possible inclusion into AV signature DAT sets. We are also prepared to answer general virus questions.

All product-related questions and comments can be addressed through technical support and customer service, including:

* Product installation and update questions
* Product usage questions
* Specific operating system/version questions
* Assistance with detection and cleaning or removal of viruses or trojans

Please use the following links to reach our technical support group for McAfee products.

Corporate Customers:

Single User/Retail Customers:



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Re: Virus...


      Thanks for your reply.  Unfortunately l'm not very tech-minded and can only access this computer (a friends) on occasion. l rang the premium land line and they could not really help other than advising me to contact the supplier, Dell. Seeing that it was a McAfee pop up that let the virus gain entry l thought they could do more to help, remotely for instance but as l cant get further than the Windows welcome page it looks like l'm stuck!

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