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Virus: shut down the wave sound every 30seconds!

Hi everybody!

That my first time on this forum, and I need help!

I have a problem since 1 week, and I am turning crazy about it: a virus, or whatever it is, shut down every 30seconds, the sound on my labtop (the "sound wave" to be accurate). Mac afee could not solve the problem, neither avast, my previous antivirus soft! I used a internet scan tool ( to try to solve the problem, and it has been solve, but just for 1 or 2 days...

In addition to this sound problem, I have regularly an advert internet explorer window opening from time to time... I don't know if there is a link between these two problems...

Do you have any idea how I could solve this problem out?!


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Re: Virus: shut down the wave sound every 30seconds!

McAfee has published a link in helping to sort out issues such as yours.

If the issue still persists then you could try a few of these programs both of them are free to use. and        You may need to download these on a non infected computer and need to download onto a usb stick. Sometimes virus and malware are written to protect themselves so I suggest you rename the download file and also the installation folder to something you can easily remember. Check for the latest updates and run the program and let it clean everything it finds. Reboot the computer and do the same for the other program and reboot again

Good Luck.

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Re: Virus: shut down the wave sound every 30seconds!

I'm moving this thread to the malware discussion community....


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