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Virus not detected by Security Center 10.5

Before I will statr I am gonna give u my sys details:

Vista Business 32 Bit SP1

IE 8

MAcfee (SecurityCenter 10.5)Full Scan Latest installed with firewall Protection.

From last few days I am haveing some issues with my machine. Even though the McAfee is updated I recieved virus from some unknown content. this was not detected by my McAfee but it started giving problems. Then I did a scan with Microsoft Live One Care Safety Scan and with PCTools Scanner. this reported me some severe issues the result was as follows:


2. Overlay.xul

3. Clagent.b

4. Vundo.gen!AV

5. CVE-2008-5353.PG

6. CVE-2009-3867.GM

7. CVE-2010-0840.W

8. win32 fakespypro

I dont know why McAfee did not detect these.

I am also gonna send you the snapshots of the viruses detected by other Softwares:

1. This is the snapshot of the Issues found by the Microsoft Safety Scanner

2. This is the SnapShot of the issues found with the Google PCTools software


But McAfee never detected any thing according to McAfee my system is fully protected

I have done fixes with other programs, but I am wondering whether these are really fixed or still are there....I have spend money on McAfee but the softwares which are available free in the market are more robust.

Please Help me

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Re: Virus not detected by Security Center 10.5

Moved to Malware Discussions > Home User Assistance.

It's not uncommon for one scanner to pick up something another one has missed, that's why there is a submission process HERE.

However, it is always possible that they are false alarms in which case there is some reading HERE.

That all said, your system is vulnerable as you should have Service Pack 2 (SP2) installed, there is some help with that HERE.

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