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Virus/Malware affecting security centre - advice please.

I have a Toshiba Equium A100-147 laptop.

Yesterday I contracted a virus/malware whcih disabled my windows updates and kept on giving me pop up messages about infections. Also several new icons appeared next to the clock - one in particular was a shield and was labelled "Vista Antivirus 2008".

Some unsavory icons also appeared on my desktop.
It was clear I had some infections - I ran Mcafee and Spybot which helped but latop was still very slow.
In the end I backed up data and ran the Toshiba restore program utility.

However, shortly after the restore more pop ups and icons appeared. Aagin I cleaned them out but Iam still having problems - Windows updates are disabled and cannot be enabled, and Windows system restore will not function.

Is is possible that the first virus has infected the hidden partition with the OS?

Shoudl I format the C: before re-running the restore utility?

When the restore utility is run, does the resistry get re-written?

Any help would be great.

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RE: Virus/Malware affecting security centre - advice please.

Can you also tell us what you have installed on the computer? If you have an icon near the PC clock like:

  • , then launch the Security Center:

    Click on the "View Details" link and in the next window you see all the McAfee programs installed. Clicking on each of them will give you the exact version numbers. Inlude the version # of the VirusScan Scan Engine and DAT file.
Also, what version of Windows is installed?

  • Windows XP: Go to Start > right click My Computer > click on Properties and on the General tab you'll find all the information, incl. any installed Service Packs.
  • Windows Vista: Open Welcome Center by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking System and Maintenance, and then clicking Welcome Center.
  • Check if your version of Windows is up-to-date at: Windows Update.

Sounds like you do have some problems with the computer. What I would do is to uninstall all McAfee's software for now, then check if your Windows version is up-to-date, see the link above, and reinstall the McAfee software again.

When McAfee's softwware is uninstalled try to do an online scan as in here to see if the computer is free of any virus/malware.
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RE: Virus/Malware affecting security centre - advice please.

RyanUK, follow Jubo's advice first. It's important to know that windows is up to date as it's one of the things that, if unpatched, can make you more vulnerable to infection. If you use mcafee's firewall and you temporarly uninstall mcafee, remember to turn on windows firewall before going back online.

With regards to vista antivirus 2008, one tool that can help with this is MalwareBytes AntiMalware. You can download this from any of these.( Save the installer to your desktop and then run and install it.)

See further instruction here:

If your worried about Bleeping computers yellow rating on siteadvisor see this:
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Re: Virus/Malware affecting security centre - advice please.

Hi Ryanuk ,

My pc also got infected by this virus once.The steps i followed tro remove that are being shared here,,

To remove the virus from ur PC first u need to off ur ON system restore.I hope u know how to do it it comes under context menu of My computer or chose my computer properties ->Go to System Restore tab -> check the system restore checkbox. After that u need to restart the computer in safe mode. Before performing mentioned process u just go through the link first :-

possibly dangerous link removed

This may help u to get rid of it.Finally after performing all this U Have to uncheck the system restore checkbox. 

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Re: Virus/Malware affecting security centre - advice please.

Cyseven - this thread hasn't been active for well over a year and a half so I think the problem was long since solved.  Your link was removed because all it led to was a search result, possibly dangerous.

Locking this thread.

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