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Virus Artemis!dd4ba2d1b33e

My computer has a Artemis!dd4ba2d1b33e virus but I can not seem to get rid of it. any suggestions?


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Re: Virus Artemis!dd4ba2d1b33e

We probably need to know a bit more before offering any suggestions. Whatever this is it has been uploaded to VirusTotal for checking (on December 12th) and the results are inconclusive but 18 out of 43 antivirus vendors regard it (whatever it is) as, at least,  "suspicious". Some say it's a Trojan, others that it's a Keygen Hacktool. If you've been on any crack sites lately that might explain it. The VirusTotal results are hotly contested : it looks as if there's a fanbase for it (whatever it is).



If you want rid of it, and McAfee keeps finding it on your system, I suggest running a couple of other tools (free ones, natch). Try Getsusp, Stinger and Malwarebytes.

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