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VIRUT.*- Anyone know if it affects Macs?

Has anyone heard if the W32/Virut virus has any apparent effects on Mac systems? My daughter managed to somehow acquire this "joy" of a virus on her PC, and now has to completely reformat all of her drives, including an external (which she inadvertently plugged into the infected machine... BIGTIME oops!). The plan here is to see if the virut Autorun.inf file can be deleted using a Mac while (hopefully) saving a lot of stored backup data, and not re-infecting the original machine when restoring. Fortunately, there are NO .exe, .scr, html, .bat, .com, or any form of executables on the external HD...

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Re: VIRUT.*- Anyone know if it affects Macs?

Virut will not affect a Mac because it is written for Windows 32-bit systems (W32 Part of the Virus Name). If your Mac runs Windows (Boot Camp or Virtualization), then it could be infected with this virus.

Re: VIRUT.*- Anyone know if it affects Macs?

OK, I'm going to give it a try. Update to follow soon...