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Any help appreciated, please.

Although I haven't clicked on any pop ups yesterday, I appear to have three viruses which two full scans using McAfee have not found or repaired.  I cannot delete from my prog, files as they say they are running, but I cannot locate anywhere else until I use Explorer 10. Then they pop up.  They appear to be: WSE Astromenda, Smarter Power and PC Smart.  I am a novice at this, so any help or advice welcome, please.

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Moved this ti Malware Discussions > Home User Assistance as a better spot for it.

No A/V is 100% guaranteed unfortunately so be very careful surfing, what you click on, what you download and what dodgy emails you open.

Run a few extra tools linked in the last clickable link in my signature below - I suggest Stinger, Malwarebytes Free, Adwcleaner for starters.

NOTE: to keep Malwarebytes actually free of charge, do NOT accept the free trial offer.  If you do you will end up with the wrong version.

There is also a cleaning tip here for Astromenda:  How to Remove Astromenda Search (Virus Removal Guide) - they recommend several steps and include AdwCleaner as a suggested removal tool.

Also I'm a little concerned that you have IE10 on board.  Your should have IE11.  Whether you use IE or not doesn't matter, many processes do and IE11 is more secure.  Please update it.

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You may want to make sure your computer is up to date with all security updates and any optional updates such as Adobe or Java. I don't know what browser you are using either but McAfee relies on an updated IE even if you choose to use Firefox or Google Chrome.

That being said you may have downloaded something as a third party download as some of this stuff is so deeply hidden in the EULA agreements from a legitimate program. Look at for some information and suggestions.

I also wanted to mention this has McAfee Stinger GetSusp and Malwarebytes and the free version of MWB is more than adequate to deal with these types of issues.

How to Remove Astromenda Search (Virus Removal Guide) was mentioned in your post so you may want to look at this also. I do not know if anyone will chime in with something I might have overlooked but this is a good starting point to get your issues resolved.

Tom K3TG

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