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Unsure of status of Virus

I was prompted a virus detected message when I plugged in my USB device. I was in a rush and did not realise whether I clicked "Remove" or "Close". However I was able to properly shut down my PC. I am not able to gain access to the PC for the next couple of days. It is a network-connected PC. What I am concerned about is whether the virus is still active and will corrupt my PC and inadvertently the whole network. And since I can only check in a few days' time, the suspense is killing me. Please help!

The version of McAfee software should be

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Re: Unsure of status of Virus

Is this a work PC or a home PC? That version doesn't look right for the Home & Home Office product. If it's a work PC I'll move your question to a different place to get it answered.

As far as I know some Trojans can be spread via USB devices and will try to infect other nodes on the network. Your AV, if it's Enterprise, will probably detect it if that's the case but I can't say any more than that. If this is Enterprise, someone else will have to pick this up and advise you.

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