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Unable to detect Virus or Trojan

To whom it may concern,

I been having problems where my computer would suddenly pop up some windows application saying it is deleting my History Browser (iexplorer), this occurs around once a day and the worst is it multiplies itself creating over 10+ if i dont press cancel in time, when i use the task manager i see weird applications such as hki32.exe and Fqnd68.tmp which is functioning on my computer and there is multiples of them running. when  i delete them in a fast pace they eventually dissapear, i used mcafee many times to try and track it but still no use. Ive gone online and tried finding what these specific files are and i found a program called FreeFixer, it enabled me to find the virus Fqnd68.tmp (this file isnt specifically right in name because i keep forgetting it but i will post a new one when it comes about), in my CSmiley TonguerogramData. After deleting it when my computer restarts it will come back again.

I know this is not my place to say but, i know it was a bit pricey to pay for an antivirus but i expected it to worth for its pay.

This virus has been bugging me for so long and mcafee hasnt detected even though i have run a Full Scan 4 consecutive times in a row. for 3 days and i still havn't got any signs of it.

Please help me out as i am afraid my Bank accounts and such will be in trouble.

Thank you very much


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Re: Unable to detect Virus or Trojan

You could try System Restore to before all this started but if you do that make sure you update McAfee immediately afterwards by right-clicking the taskbar icon and seclecting "Check for Updates".

If that isn't possible, read on.

Follow the steps in this link:  Required Reading - Home User Assistance Malware Troubleshooting

If that fails to help install the FREE version of THIS tool, update it and then run.  Let it remove anything it finds and reboot immediately if asked to.

(That last tool can be downloaded, updated and run in "Safe Mode with Networking" if for some reason this issue prevents it in regular mode).

When things are all back to normal make sure that Windows, whatever your system is, is totally up to date with all critical and non-critical updates, likewise with your software, browser add-ons etc.

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