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Ultra DeFragger - Disk Doctor

Hello,  this software is on my system and I can't get rid of it.  Everytime I delete the directory (prefetch) and disable the program (25320203.exe), once system is rebooted it returns.  The virus tries to defrag my system and then tells me that I have serious errors with my hard drive.  I get a notice that I can buy the software to fix this as well.  I know this is a fraud but how do i get the virus off of my system?

Please Help!!


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Re: Ultra DeFragger - Disk Doctor

'Ultra Defragger' and 'Disk Doctor' are two scareware programs which have the same user interface - the only difference between them is the name at the top of the screen. They're fakes. Don't worry, though, there's a way to get rid of either or both of them. Just follow the instructions for removing Disk Doctor given in this link and you should be fine. Afterwards run another full Malwarebytes scan just to be sure it's all gone.

A check for these programs in the McAfee database produces a couple of notifications, but the identifiers used by the McAfee system are less than informative. This is named either 'Generic.dx!usa!FD46CEDE5F28' or perhaps 'Generic.dx!usr!7AE40F80B064' and is said to be a Trojan of either High or Low Risk level.

The relevant pages are at,, and which also gives you a link to a McAfee virus removal service for only ninety dollars. Hmm. I should try the first link I gave you before you do that.

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Re: Ultra DeFragger - Disk Doctor

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