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Two versions of Mcafee installed on the computer?

I have two Mcafee images on my desktop. One is "McAfee Security Scan Plus" Another one is "McAfee Internet Security Suite" Are there two duplicates of the same program? Can they cause some conflicts? Maybe remove one of them but I don't want to lose my protection.

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Re: Two versions of Mcafee installed on the computer?

No, no conflicts. Security Scan Plus is a freebie you get when you're downloading other things. Much like the Ask Toolbar or Google Toolbar most people don't realise they've been lumbered with it and we get a lot of enquiries about it. You don't really need it, although I kept a copy around for a while as it was useful to do lightning-fast scans (it doesn't do much except check memory and browser history).

If you don't want SSP just uninstall it in the usual way.

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