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Trusted/Quarantined Items (false artemis report)

I am having serious problems with McAfee at the moment. It keeps quarantining MW4MERCS.EXE and MW4ED2.exe from the MechWarrior 4 Free Release because of false Artemis reports. When I take them out of quarantine they get placed in their directory, but when i click them the get immediately placed in quarantine again, without asking me. This way I can never choose to trust them, and McAfee will endlessly quarantine them for no reason. I'm 100% sure that an official Microsoft free release won't have trojans in it, so is there a way besides the annoying pop-up screen that doesn't show up when you need it, but always when you don't, to trust quarantined items? or is this maybe an Idea for the next McAfee release to be able to select 'trust' for any quarantined item without having to restore it and hoping a screen pops up with a question if i want to quarantine it or trust it?

thanks for your help in advance!

artemis report numbers:

MW4ED2.EXE (got quarantined thrice):


1BD0693D973B (2x)


2EE0F0CF16CF (1x)


(renamed to MW4MERCS.OLD since there was a hotfix released for online pla)


920C5BFB7135 (the free release package itself)



MW4MERCS.EXE (the new hotfix):


B283193C97D9 (1x)



i hope these codes help!

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Re: Trusted/Quarantined Items

Perhaps this link will help you with your issue

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Re: Trusted/Quarantined Items

I've moved this to the Artemis section so that those people can take a look.  If you want to "edit thread" (top right) to include the Artemis detection numbers in the above post that would help them.

Alternatively send an email with the header "False Artemis xxxxx (detection number)" to if more than one send each one separately.

If you want to use the files  until they are cleared you will have to temporarily disable VirusScan.

For the 2009 product which has a square taskbar icon...

Double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter
Click Advanced  Menu (bottom left)
Click Configure (left)
Click Computer &  Files (top left)
You can disable VirusScan in the right-hand module  and tell it for how long.

For the 2010 product which has a shield-shaped taskbar icon....

Double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter

Click Virus and Spyware Protection to expand it

Click Real Time Scanning to expand it

Click Turn Off

That will disable VirusScan and you can tell it for how long

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Re: Trusted/Quarantined Items

i have put the codes in the main post. thanks for the quick response

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