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Trouble With McAfee

Hi ^^

I recently did an windows update on my laptop and am now unable to open up McAfee Total Protection as well as other programs on my desktop (unless I open them manually on the start menu by right clicking and clicking open).

I'm not sure if this is an issue that has been caused by my antivirus or by microsoft but now that I cannot open up McAfee I am starting to think that I am not protected. I did a security scan of my files and found one infected file which I fixed using that program. After that a rogue antivirus called Smart PC Cleaner appeared on my screen. I quickly uninstalled it and manually removed any traces of it but I don't know if it'll come back or not.

If I can get some help it would be appreciated.

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Re: Trouble With McAfee

It is rogue anti-spyware and just clicking on it, even the 'X' to dismiss it would activate it.    I doubt a normal removal has got rid of it.

The normal thing to do when anything like this hits is to do a hard power-off and then reboot to Safe Mode and initiate System Restore.

Your first weapon is System Restore to go back to before all this started but, if successful, don't forget to update everything afterwards.

Second weapon would be to install and run Stinger and Malwarebytes Free, both linked in the last link in my signature below.

With Malwarebytes don't accept the trial offer or you will get the paid version.

See how that goes.


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