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Trojan Virus in McAffie Download?

Last night a series of of trojan viruses tried to get into my computer. Mcaffie "blocked and removed" them, but then I lost the ability to go online. I ran a scan and found 2 more viruses, restarted and rescanned no more viruses, still can't go online. I restored my computer to 3 days ago and then could go online again but my Mcaffie software was gone, I have had Mcaffie for months. I downloaded the software again (from my suddenlink cable link) and immediately upon complettion the virus kept attacking over and over again, and again I can't go online. I have restored and reinstalled several times, the only way I can go online is to restore to 3 days ago and go without Mcaffie. Any thoughts. the virus was generic somthing. i didn't write it down.

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Re: Trojan Virus in McAffie Download?


In order to assist you better it would be great if you could help us with these items

Currently does the machine have McAfee installed on it?

What is the operating system on the machine?

What is the error message when you attempt to go online?

Also how are you attempting to go online? ( Aol , Mozilla firefox or Internet explorer etc...)

If McAfee is installed . i would suggest that you right click on the M icon on the lower right hand corner of the screen and select a scan ( full scan) and allow it to run detect and remove anything it finds. ( note down the detection name if possible)

Once done.. let us know the status and error message when you try to go online ( if you have means to post on the forums from say another machine etc..)

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