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Trojan Artemis!405b0b04d60a identified in Amazon Game download

Big Kahuma Reef is a game sold by Amazon and was installed on my computer.

It operated well from October 2012 to August 2013.

Suddenly, it ceased operating.  Attempts to re-install the game end up with a Code 5, Create Process Failed on Windows 7.

I finally realized that the Software was determined to have a the Artemis! trojan embedded by McAfee.  McAfee blocks the installation.

Yet when I scan the BKR software with McAfee virus scan (via AT&T) it finds no Trojan.

All McAfee software is update to today's date.

Turning off the McAfee scanning process seems to make no difference to the installation process.

How can I get McAfee to allow the game download?

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Re: Trojan Artemis!405b0b04d60a identified in Amazon Game download

Turning off real time scanning should have allowed the install as far as I understand. What file is in the quarantine folder and what folder was it found in?

If you can get the file best way is to disable real time scanner and restore the file. Zip it up as described in the link below and send it to mcafee.

When you get an automatic relpy do this.

In the reply Subject line must say


Prefix the email subject line with the word FALSE. For example:

FALSE: Game file being detected as Trojan Artemis!405b0b04d60a

If no fix in 5 days post back with the analysis id you are given in the reply and I will chase up someone to fix it.

Oh remember to re-enable real time scanning

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