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Trojan ? Artemis!226F985A2463

Two days ago, I wasn't able to turn on my computer - it was giving me a "Windows Startup Error" Message. I was afraid my hard drive had crashed, but this time I was lucky. I was able to start my computer up my inserting the Operating System CD and repairing my computer.
Once in, I first did a full scan and in the report it said it detected a Trojan - but I had no more information. I also found out that my Windows Defender had been turned off - once I turned it back on and scanned my computer, it said everything was fine. I was still concerned about the Trojan that was detected because I installed another Anti-Malware program and it didn't detect anything. I read a post on here about going into Navigation>History & Logs>Threats Detected and there I found a Trojan dated 04/20 - Artemis!226F985A2463(Trojan) -Status: Removed (restart required).
I guess my question is should I be concerned about the Trojan that was detected? Could the detected Trojan from today's scan be the Trojan that was found on 04/20???
THanks for all the help!

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Re: Trojan ? Artemis!226F985A2463

It's possible it was giving a reaction to the one already found and quarantined.

Artemis detections are unknowns which are submitted automatically to McAfee Labs for analysis.  They may or may not be malicious.

I altered your post to include the Artemis number and moved it to that section so the labs can see it when they patrol this section.  Hopefully they will answer your question.

In the meanwhile, if everything works as it should, make sure your system is totally up to date in all aspects, especially Internet Explorer and its add-ons, whether or not you use it.

A repair install usually winds the clock back considerably so many updates are most likely awaiting.

I suggest scanning using GetSusp and perhaps also the free version of Malwarebytes (after updating it) both of which are listed here:

Make sure you read the instructions for GetSusp and enter your email address before running it.

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Re: Trojan ? Artemis!226F985A2463


The Detection Artemis!226F985A2463 was a false alarm. The file has been marked clean in our database and the detection removed on 30th April (04/30). Since this is a clean file it is not the trojan that was detected in your computer.

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