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Thwarted at Every Turn- a Removal Problem.

So, everyone's probably aware of the DefenderPro antivirus program that glues itself to your system. As for the one attached to my system- it has survived the add/remove tool, and it has survived the manual deleting of its files and folders from the system.

My McAfee Antivirus 2010 refuses to install until DefenderPro's gone and after removing the files and restarting the computer, McAfee still alerts that DefenderPro is somewhere on the system. But here's the catch: the system can't find it.

-Any help would be greatly appreciated, as the Antivirus is a 1 PC package and I doubt it can be used for my other computer at this point.

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Re: Thwarted at Every Turn- a Removal Problem.

While I didn't get the direct answer to destroy Defender Pro, I did find an alternative through the suggestion presented. Thanks again, kiwi4life and imikhlin!

on 2/23/10 7:58:11 PM CST