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Think I may have a virus or malware?

I might be wrong, but on facebook, recently I can't view peoples profile pictures, it shows this below, like when a photo has failed to load..,r:0,s:0

Like that, not all the profiles, but some profiles, it doesn't happen on any other websites, and someone help me please!!!

I searched some facebook profiles for some peoples who's profile picture's wasn't working and I don't know if it's just me.. or.

My family are on their computer's aswell, and they say their not having a problem..

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Re: Think I may have a virus or malware?

Hi, ConorD62

  This is probably not a problem with your McAfee AV software. It's a recent issue connected with Google and Facebook, and they're talking about it over on the Google forums (which are well worth keeping an eye on).

If you go on over to one or two of the discussions you might find someone has a bit more information than we can probably offer for this. Try and for starters.

There's also an old discussion at

which might be useful.

Good luck with solving the problem, the Google forum's your best bet for this.

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