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The damage done / or not


I receive emails on a regular basis that tell of viruses that can physically damage your computer. I did a few google searches and came up with alot of differing opinions, so I thought I would come here.

I have ran McAfee on all my computers for years, and feel "pretty safe", but I know just enough about computers and viruses to be dangerous.

Please take a minute to let me know if these emails are something that we should all pay attention to. ( I do know that if I don't open the attachment in an email, the program can't run, and I should be safe, right?) Also, I looked at all the categories on this site, and I hope I am posted in the right room...if not, Sorry.

Thanks in advance,

Ken there ANY viruses that have been identified as "physically destructive", either email based or not?
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RE: The damage done / or not


Yes you should be careful of opening e-mails that you are not expecting,just opening an e-mail can infect you.
As for are there any "physically destructive" virus,the answer is yes.

RE: The damage done / or not

As the user has not replied since 10th December, this thread is closed.