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Texts/Calls from a 1925353903 number

I have McAfee Life Safe antivirus software installed on my mobile phone. I have been receiving unwanted texts from telephone number 1925353903, which my mobile network provider is charging me for. From looking at other online forums it would appear that this issue is in some way linked to McAfee mobile antivirus software, and the recommendation is to remove McAfee a/v software from my mobile. I am paying for McAfee for antivirus protection on all my devices, and am reluctant to remove McAfee a/v from my mobile. Why am I getting these spam texts, which are costing me? Would anyone in this community know how I can resolve this spam issue?

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Re: Texts/Calls from a 1925353903 number


                Please DO NOT continue to creating different threads.For it will not get your Question/Issue answered any faster.  Again, keep it to the one already started.  Please refer to .

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