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Stupid question concerning Stinger. Plz help!


I have an issue with XP Security 2010

I did what was told on the required reading (homer user assistence maleware troubleshooting)  McAfee Total Protection found 16 trojans and an Artemis file and quarantined them.  I think Stinger found viruses and now that I have scanned using Stinger, what shall I do?

When I go to Step 4, "Removing the virus," there are so many options, I do not know how to even go about it.  Did Stinger already do it for me? I did not seem to get a Stinger report, just the list of the viruses it treats.  Please help me!

I still have my PC in safe mode and Mcafee *seems* to be Ok, but I am so afriad to run it in normal mode.

Ok, I ran the Stinger again, but this time changed "On virus detection" to Report Only, set the "Heuristics" level to VERY HIGH, and disabled the option to Scan inside compressed files.

I got
McAfee(r) Labs Stinger(tm) Version built on Mar 18 2010

Copyright (c) 2010 McAfee, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Virus data file v1000.0000 created on Mar 18 2010.

Ready to scan for 1331 viruses, trojans and variants.

Scan initiated on Mon Apr 12 13:09:04 2010

  Number of clean files: 532553

Scan initiated on Mon Apr 12 18:17:25 2010

c:\Program Files\Online Services\PeoplePC\Dialer\dialer.exe

     Found the Artemis!0E88D9D9599C trojan !!!

c:\Program Files\Online Services\PeoplePC\Dialer\dialer.exe is infected with the Artemis!0E88D9D9599C virus !!!

  Number of clean files: 132336

  Number of infected files: 1

How do I get rid of this??

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on 4/13/10 10:53:42 AM CDT
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Re: Stupid question concerning Stinger. Plz help!

Wow, nevermind. I figured it out myself.

Saved myself $89 too. Why do I have Total Protection, what am I paying for  if

McAfee didn't bother protecting my PC in the first place --only to have to shell out another 90 bucks to solve the problem?

Sounds fishy to me.

And so I was told by the support tech to  either  shell out the money or go to the forum.  But I think I figured it out for myself.  And it was a rather silly question that should have easily been answered.


I mean I know it is impossible to catch every virus, but I think if something gets thru, the subscription we pay for should help without further charges.

Hmm. I think when my subscription runs out next year, I will consider another protection package.

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Re: Stupid question concerning Stinger. Plz help!

Hello riseki,

I was wondering if you could possibly answer a question for me.  It looks like you may have figured out what I have now been waiting 6 hours to get some sort of response to, via a post I made on

I also ran the McAfee Stinger on my computer on our home computer (very high heuristics, report only, etc.) and returned a report of 8 Artemis trojans.  Now I am wondering how to remove these trojans, since they only appear when I run the Stinger on report only.  Do you happen to know the answer to this?  I ask, because it seems like you do based on your inital post/question on here and then the response you posted to your own question.

Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to offer.  I am anxious to get rid of these trojans, so I can resume using our computer as normal.  Thanks again!

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