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Startup Very, Very Slow. Artemis trojan found

I carelessly opened an attachment from a relative, saw that it was a Viagra ad and closed it immediately.  Later McAfee warned me that the link "pharma..." something was suspicious.  About then my computer startup was drastically slowed down.  Slow McAfee splash screen, very slow displaying of shortcuts on the main screen, and very, very slow displaying of shortcuts in the taskbar tray at the bottom of the screen.

I am also getting frequent "Logon.exe has encountered a problem and shut down."

Today I ran Stinger with defaults and found nothing.  Then ran Stinger with "Report Only," "Very high," and "scan inside compressed files."  This time I got this message:

C:\Program Files\Pinnacle\Studio 9\OEM\DPSLib2.bin

Found the Artemis!ADB10CF255 trojan

Could this be the cause of of the slowdown?  What can I do to remove this trojan?


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