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Spyware in the family

A close relative to me is a notorious spy - he regularly installes spyware on the computers of his ex-girlfriends, girlfriends, and other family members. I have strong reasons to believe he does this to me too. I have invested in expensive McAfee packages, but not long ago i discovered my McAfee protection/firewall was fake, and just looked to be all right but in realyti my computer was infected. The virus prevented me from downloading anything from Windows Update and from McAfee. I discovered it when I tried to renew my mcafee subscription.

Now I have reinstalled windows and bought another mcafee package, but since this person is in my family I am still vounerable for his spyware, if he wants to install it on my computer he'll easily do so. Is there a way I can check regularly that my McAfee protection is the real one, and not a fake?

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Re: Spyware in the family

First thing to do is shut him out of your computer by changing all user account passwords to something you can remember yet complicated enough to fool anyone, including that for the hidden Administrator account and for the BIOS.  If that upsets family members, tough, let them get their own machines or at least make sure that none of their user accounts are Adminstrator-level ones, only regular user accounts.  I would have to know what your operating system and service pack is to give instructions, if you need them.  Disable the "Guest" account altogether if not already - it is normally disabled by default and should never be used as it is a vulnerability in Windows.  Don't write the password you use down anywhere!

Follow the guidelines given here particularly the Safe Mode ones:  Required Reading

If that doesn't help boot into "Safe Mode with Networking" by tapping F8 repeatedly while booting up and selecting that from the menu that shows up, usually the second choice.  That gives you Safe Mode but with internet access, however most infections can't and wont run in that mode.

Then download, install, UPDATE (important), the FREE version of THIS software, then run a full scan, takes a while, and let it remove everything it finds, then reboot. (it will work in that mode).

Repeat with a Quick Scan in regular mode.

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