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SpyNoMore Artemis!FE5F2BA2E180

I have used SpyNoMore for a few years now with no problems.  I put McAfee Total Protection on my PC

and McAfee keeps deleting it.  My False Artemis is FE5F2BA2E180.  I have 3 computers running

this software, that I paid good money for, that I can't use because McAfee won't acknowledge that they

are wrong about this software.  If the don't fix it soon, I will change anti-virus companies.

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Re: SpyNoMore Artemis!FE5F2BA2E180

Report an artemis false and the hash will be removed unless your softwareis malicious.

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Re: SpyNoMore Artemis!FE5F2BA2E180

Until someone from that department spots this thread, you could submit a false finding by simply emailing the labs  as per the bold print here:

Meanwhile there's a small list of 3rd party anti-malware tools that don't cause problems here:

Edit:  I altered the thread headers to include the Artemis number, which might catch someone's attention better.

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Re: SpyNoMore Artemis!FE5F2BA2E180


We would need the full package (intaller), or a link to download it, to complete our analysis and deem this file as rouge/clean. Please .zip the sample with standard password (submission policy is available at: and e-mail it as an attachmnet to Mention "False Alarm" in the subject line of your e-mail. Kindly include any product key that we may need to test it's full functionality. You may include the download link and product key in a notepad file and submit it as a regular sample. Any information you provide will be stricktly used by McAfee Labs for testing purpose only. Please avoid providing product key here.

On another note, we tried to analyze the file based on the information available here but eventually could not proceed much being a non-licensed user. We therefore request you to provide the requested information and help us resolve this at the earliest.



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Re: SpyNoMore Artemis!FE5F2BA2E180


                     Marking this thread 'Assumed Answered' and Locking, over (3) years old. Please refer to similar thread



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