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Software Upgrade

I am having problems with getting a regular upgrade to McAfee SecurityCenter. My system tells me to Restart now but having restarted several times it doesn't seem to have upgraded. I am using Vista Ultimate. Any solutions? I have tried starting in safe Mode but that doesn't seem to have helped although I needed to do that for a Windows Upgrade as I think the McAfee blocked one of those vital upgrades.

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Re: Software Upgrade

First check if something is amiss and stopping your updating

run getsusp to see if it sees anything amiss

Then load and run malwarebytes (do not accept the upgrade to paid version as it clashes with mcafee.

After the scan uninstall Malwarebytres as it stops mcafee installing. You can reinstall after Mcafee is  running

Reboot and retry the update. If no go ...

Then I suppose best to uninstall mcafee correctly

reboot and reinstall from your account/isp

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