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Should I delete detected files?

My McAfee scan detected the following "potentially unwanted progrms":  Detection names: Artemis!9c4521c3AB04, Artemis!209DB9800289 and Artemis!6613B4DD2c93, all with  both a "" in the windows\syswow64 file and "upgrade.exe" file in the Windows/Temp folder.  It also found and quarantined Artemis!C43Fd7207352 and Artemis!C43FD7207352 in file c:\acer\preload\autorun\app\poerdvd\  Please advise whether Ishould "remove" or "trust" the listed potentially unwanted programs and whether I should do anything with the quarrantined item.  Thaks!

Mike, Chicago 

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Re: Should I delete detected files?

Moved from Community Help to Malware Discussion > Artemis Discussion for better attention....

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