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Security Warning in a box with "x"

Security Warning in a box with "x" application can't be executed the file unsecapp.exe is infected . do you want to activate your anti virus now.

I am user of mcafee total protection and I do not know all my things are now in problem while macafee shows no threat on scanning? I can't run internet at all please help me out how to remove virus? I have scanned 5 times but no result again and again it shows above as well as another window shows Antivirus software alert, wuaucit.exe infected?

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Re: Security Warning in a box with "x"


This is commonly know as a Trojan.Fakealert- the files in question are not infected...the trojan is using system process(s) to stop you running any files in the hope you`ll purchase the rogue software.

Without knowing the name of the rogue it can be difficult to know which fix to go with. You can try this fix in the link below as it is similar to the problems you are facing.

Good luck.

on 01/01/11 23:37:23 GMT
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