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Security Shield infestation issue on a new PC protected by Mcafee

One of the desktop PC's on our home network became infested with the Security Shield 2012 malware. The infested PC is a brand new Dell Optiplex 790 still under warranty with MCafee Internet Security installed by default. The symptoms of the infestation were the standard Security Shield nag popups asking for credit card details in order to remove a myriad of trojans and whatnot. Initially I ran a full mcafee virus scan and that picked up no malware at all. I could not start task manager, SS killed it immediately. Initiating IE9 triggerred off more SS nag screens, and web browsing was unabled.

I resolved the Security Shield infestation by loading autoruns onto a usb drive, restarting the PC in safe mode. In safe mode, autoruns was initiated from the usb drive and all programs and drivers without a valid signature were deleted. I then uninstalled Mcafee Internet security and installed Trend Internet security 2012, a reliable security product that we have been using for years on all of the other PC's on our home network.

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Re: Security Shield infestation issue on a new PC protected by Mcafee

None of the leading antivirus software will protect you from this sort of malware because of the roundabout way it works, so I think you'll find that Trend wont protect you any better.

What does help is, at the first sign of unusual activity, don't click on anything, even the 'X" or Close button, because that's what activates it, shut down the PC and boot into Safe Mode and try System Restore or even the Last Known Good Configuration option often works well.

You'll find posts all over the web regarding this and many other similar nuisance malware, if you don't believe me, post the question on a good independent anti-malware forum such as BleepingComputer or similar.

Meanwhile there are tools out there designed to combat such things.  A few are listed here:

Another thread on this particular pest:

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