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Security Center is quarantining WRFMCYC.DLL

I think McAfee Securit Center may be quarantining something it is not supposed to. It thinks the file WRFMCYIC.DLL is a trojan. I think it may be software provuded by DELL.

The directory of teh file was c:\users\myname\appdata\local\dell\cyberlink.

It thinks it is "Generic dx!b2kb (Trojan)"

Coudl this be a false positive?

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Level 17

Re: Security Center is quarantining WRFMCYC.DLL

Moved this into Security Awareness, Home User Assistance.

The file may well be suspect : see

The best thing to do is to send the file in to be checked. Details of how to do that are in "Submit a Virus or Malware Sample" - ignore the ServicePortal/Platinum Portal stuff, that's for business customers. Since you have just one file to submit you can send it by email, zipped and attached.

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