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Rootkit problems

I have encountered a situation where if I attempt to download a virus protection, malware protection, rootkit removal tool or upgrade to Windows 8 I recieve and error stating the download is infected with a virus and the downlad has bee terminated. Does anyon know how to fix this problem?



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Re: Rootkit problems

Try it again and take a screenshot of the error message. Let's see where it's coming from. Sounds like malware trying to stop you from getting rid of it, but it might be something else.

Also, if you're trying to upgrade to Windows 8, what operating system have you got now?

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Level 20

Re: Rootkit problems

Try downloading in safe mode with network connection?

Also download malwarebytes setup file rename it and when installs rename where it wants to install the files so everything is a different name/path. Ensure you use the free and not the trial of the full version.

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