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Rise in XLSX and DOCM getting past McAfee

Hey all

has anyone else noticed an increase in these types of things getting through their McAfee solutions? Our mail is 'washed' upstream by our global business and we look after our local systems, and these seem to be getting through a log more at the moment. The one thats just come through overnight NZ time is Antivirus scan for 3ce3acb5e680d657c42242e58b37633d78e70b112e1d8b5decace3b7d0077759 at2016-12-12 17:...  which this states McAfee is picking up, but  astatic scan of the file returns nothing found.

I've submitted it to McAfee for them to look at, but it seems the stealth techniques used to hide to static code in the files is evading the detection methods.

I'd be interested to hear if anyone else is seeing the same, and what they are looking at to help combat this.

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Re: Rise in XLSX and DOCM getting past McAfee

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