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RemAdm-VNCview (is it threat; what is it?)

Hi Everyone,

I installed Total Protection and recently it reported "RemAdm-VNCview". Did some search but not helpful.


1. is it a virus, worm etc or what?

2. can Total Protection remove it ? How? No point running FreeScan.

I did qruandtine it but after each new scan it pops up again as a warning.




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Re: RemAdm-VNCview (is it threat; what is it?)

Not sure what it is but if you have quarantined it that is good. Maybe wait till you hear from someone from McAfee on this or you could touch base with Technical Support chat found at the top of this page under Useful Links.

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Level 7

Re: RemAdm-VNCview (is it threat; what is it?)

Thanks K3tg. McAfee Total Protection scan keeps reporting this daily even I have click on the quarantine button. When I review if it has quarantine it, it does not show anything quarantined...strange.

Daily it shows this again, upon review it points to a file \desktop\ as an infected file. Located it but cannot delete it as it is writed protected each time I want to delete it.

What a pain that Total Protection cannot do a good job !!! Real disappointment.

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