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Redirect notice on all google searches

When clicking on a Google search, a "Redirect Notice" pops up with a warning that "The previous page is sending you to (the selected webpage). If you do not want to visit that page, you can return to the previous page (which is the Google search page). "

Is this a legitimate Google warning or is this malware?  It comes up for almost every search.

I have run the Mcafee Virus Scan and also downloaded and  ran Microsofts virus removal program and they came up with nothing.

I saw a previous Mcafee post that said to delete all cookies but that  didn't work either.  I have also run disk cleanup and even tried restoring my system to an earlier date with no success.

Without knowing if this is a security issue I am hesitant to do anything that might reference passwords or credit cards.

I have also gone  into many forums and other people  seem to have the  problem but  no solution.

Any words of wisdom??????????????????

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Re: Redirect notice on all google searches

I have Mcafee installed on my computer and when I did the following, the problem went away.
Manage Add-ons
Disable Mcafee Siteadvisor
Good luck
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