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Redirect Virus

We have had a problem with a search engine redirect virus.  Everytime we use any search engine the selection looks correct, but takes us to a site that is selling product.  When we do virus scans with McAfee it usually finds 51 instances of the virus (always 51) SUSP_IRP_MJ_CREATE, but says it is unable to remove the virus.  Three times now we have run the scan and it found zero viruses, but on the next boot up the same 51 return.  Has anyone had any luck getting rid of this problem?  Frankly I am a little put out that McAfee has not come up with an automatic solution.  Any help would sure be appreciated because I really don't want to spend $89 to have McAfee fix something that they should have caught in the first place.  Thanks for your input.

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Re: Redirect Virus

There isn't such a thing as the perfect protection unfortunately.  Accidents happen.  I believe that this is a Rootkit issue rather than a simple virus.

There is a good guide to removal published in this thread at the BleepingComputer Forum:  SUSP_IRP_MJ_CREATE

If you would rather be dealt with individually by them post a Hijackthis log on their forum.


Do not post Hijackthis logs here, we can't help with  those!


Be sure to read their instructions before posting.

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