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Redirect Malware. Can not get rid of it.

So far I have SpyBot S&D, McAffee, Shopzilla, Spyware Blaster.  When searching on the Internet I am redirected to another site.  Not every time but most times.  There are also error messages.  I noticed that there is a script type with the number 2 as the Icon just before sending me to a differient site. I am not computer savy.  Each time I run Spybot and Shopzilla they find problems.  I delete the problem only to find that next time I am searching online the redirect virus is still there.  Last time things were coming in so fast that I had to shut off the computer manually.  When I run McAfee nothing comes up.

I am afraid of doing any searching at this point.  I read one of the other posts and downloaded RootRepeal which is the attache file.  I do not have any of the original Program CD's since my daughter liked shiny things.  I do not know what to do next.  Any and all help would be welcome.

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