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Recycler folder

I am trying to figure out whether McAfee scans the C:\Recycler folder. The file that is causing the infection appears to be PWS:Win32/Daurso.gen!A

A scan thinks that three files are infected [obfuscator.ft]\(upx); [obfuscator.ft]#1\(upx); (upx). It is located at C:\recycler\s-1-5-21-682003330-1390067357-2147280231-1004\dcl.exe

Does anyone have know if the McAfee virus scan looks at the recycler folder or how I can force it to and if it will quarantine or remove the key stroke logger?
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RE: Recycler folder

Simply empty the Recycling Bin to delete that file. Note that if you have multiple user accounts, they have their own Recycling bin that will not be emptied unless it is done under their account.