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Recovering folders?

I am currently using McAfee Security Center version 9.15 and VirusScan version 13.15.

Today when I inserted my flash drive there was (apparently) a trojan horse on it. So the folders that contained the trojan horse were deleted or quarantined. Meaning I cannot see them when I open my flash drive. But I can see all of my files that were not in folders. However, after looking at the properties the space is still being used. On McAfee's SecurityCenter under the Restore section, I can see the files that were quarantined. Once I remove them will I be able to see and access my folders again? Or is there a different way to recover these folders and my lost information?

Thank you!

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Re: Recovering folders?

If you want to restore them to the drive you will have to switch off VirusScan protection assuming it detected them without any prior scanning etc.

You would then have to submit the files to McAfee Labs if you feel they were detected incorrectly.

Some instructions on disabling VirusScan temporarily and how to submit files is HERE.

If it is a trojan then they are doomed as far as antivirus's go generally.

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