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Real time scanning problem

Hi All

Over the last few months I've been having endless problems with McAfee Security Center. Several months ago it stopped working and I had to get an IT person to clean up my computer (as I hear McAfee isn't good at that side of things). And now I've had a reoccuring problem (which I think occurs when McAfee updates are being automatically downloaded), where real-time scanning turns off and won't turn back on. After getting no long-term resolution from paying for IT help and  talking to McAfee Tech Support, I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. As my disc is several years old I am left with the old interface (even though I've clicked for 'check for updates), and I'm wary of when these problems are going to strike again.

This is all so frustrating and disappointing. I've wasted so much time on the phone being thrown back and forth between Dell (whom I originally bought it off) and McAfee - each telling me it's the others responsibility. And hundreds of dollars paying for local IT support.

1) Can someone please give me the reason for and solution for the real time scanning problem?

2) Why am I left with the old interface and how do I get the new one?

3) Is there is a better AV/malware product I can move to, or do all products and their companies cause so many problems?

Thank you.

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Re: Real time scanning problem

Real time scanning off well can be a corrupted install, another AV installed or you have a virus/malware that is conflicting with mcfee.

Usually 1 of the following will fix it


It has most suggestions

Another 1 posted by a user is

Posted by Gerryhiles

Next time it happens to you try this: check the warning flag in bottom right hand corner and see if it is red. If so then click on it and you'll be given a list and be able to turn on Windows Defender. That'sit.

If issue still persists, please contact technical support chat from this link and they will remote in for further diagnosis

2 Re old interface you should install from your account that will give you the latest versions also before you do that remove all bits of the old mcafee via

reboot and install from your account

re 3 wrong forum to ask what to use instaed of Mcaffe

I would run getsusp HERE.  to see if it sees anything amiss

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Re: Real time scanning problem

Thank you so much Tony for your prompt, helpful and good natured reply - I really appreciate it.

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Re: Real time scanning problem

Marking this discussion as 'Assumed Answered' and locking it. As it is over 6 years old.

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