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Real time scanning is off and McAfee Does Not Work

I have a dell laptop about 2 months old and it came with McAfee.  This would not have been my choice of antivirus, but it was the only option available.  Now today I have no wireless capability (I'm on another computer) and apparently my McAfee supposed Antivirus doesn't work.  I'm looking at a window saying Your Computer is at Risk.  No kidding.  Real time scanning is off, and when I click Turn on - it shows the regular working window for a second, then goes back to Real Time Scanning is off and there's NOTHING I can do about it.

Good job McAfee -- fixing this situation before it became a problem.  I knew it probably wasn't a good idea to keep McAfee so-called Security Center/Anti-virus and I guess I've been proven right. STILL says there aren't any problems on my computer though - oh great, thanks.

Does anyone from McAfee have any clue off what I should do.  I can delete McAfee but I can't download Symantec to actually fix the virus or malware of whatever it is, because I have no wireless capability and apparently the network adapter has been screwed up.

Has anyone out there had a similar problem and found a solution?  I'd really appreciate it if someone could help ASAP.  Thanks.

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