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Level 7

Re: Possible False Artemis

I can not load Betmost Poker without haaving McAfee totally unloaded at boot. It identifies Artemis! if it is running. I have played at this site for years and it is harmless.

I am absolutely sure the id of Atemis! is a mistke.


David Cale

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Level 18

Re: Possible False Artemis

That thread was 18 months old so I branched this to a new thread.

What is the Artemis number? We can't help you without that.

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Level 12

Re: Possible False Artemis

Dear Photowriter,

Also plese mention which file is getting detected by McAfee...

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Level 20

Re: Possible False Artemis

submit the file zipped correctly and when replied to saying it was infected reply back to that email saying in the subject False +ve artemis detection ********* (name of detection)

If you have no fix in 3 dats post back with analysis number and I will escalate it.

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