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Ransonware and Hijacking

I have two viruses/malware/adware I have been having problems with.

The first one when I'm using a Chrome Browser (Haven't used any other so it could be by others too). An adware program Trezaa keeps popping up repeatedly at the bottom of the screen. Whenever I attempted to X it out, or click on a legimate link on a webpage, it opens up a window of one of their clients. It does not matter which link I button I click on in the webpage, all the buttoms take me to the same site and the buttons do not work. I have to close the webbrowser and reopen to stop it temporarily.

The second problem appears like ransonware. A popup appears that tell me that I have a critical problem. I need to call an 855 number in order for their technicians who are waiting by to release my computer. If I try to X it out or close that window or browser using the task manager a voice message repeats over and over and over again that the message is from Microsoft and I must call the same 855 number to release my computer or my sensitive data would be compromised.

I shut the computer down. Restart it. Go to windows settings to change Apps etc. Find the App called Trezaa and uninstall it.  This works for a few days but then restarts over again and Trezaa is right back and I go through the same thing over again.

Anyone else experiencing this? I have run the McAfee full scan multiple times and it does not find these malware/adware/viruses.

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Re: Ransonware and Hijacking

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Please try the following reputable Removal Guide: Remove "Ads by Trezaa" adware (Virus Removal Guide)

I hope you found this to be 'Helpful"

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