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Ransomware-Police Central E-Crime Unit removal


Thanks for reading this and I hope you can help please. I've had the Police Central E-Crime appear on one of my accounts, which has then blocked everything. I managed to set up a new user account which has enabled me to get online, so I hope it has only infected the user account and not the whole laptop. Is it worth me removing it or shall I simply delete that user account?

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Re: Ransomware-Police Central E-Crime Unit removal

See the last link in my signature below,.  If anything like this ever hits again, don't touch any keys or the mouse even if you can help but certainly never click any part of the interface that presents itself as that activates it, pull the power plug and do a hard power off.   Then boot into Safe Mode and do a System Restore if at all possible.

You managed to do something that most don't seem able to do by creating a new user account.

In that account can't you simply initiate System Restore to before all of it started?

If not there's an excellent removal guide here:


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