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Ran GetSusp For First Time - ID'd 2 Suspicious Files. What Next???

Well, I ran GetSusp for first time and the scan identified two suspicious files.  Problem is, I'm not smart enough to determine what the log means.  Results are below.  Any advice for a newbie?




<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="Logs\GetSusp.xsl"?>

<!-- GetSusp Results -->



<product_name value="GetSusp" />

<version value="" />

<date_run value="Fri Dec 05 10:03:44 2014" />



<osversion value="Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 64-bit" />

<windir value="C:\Windows" />

<sysdir value="C:\Windows\system32" />

<computername value="MZINK-PC" />




<scan-end-time value="Fri Dec 05 10:04:18 2014" />


<Identified-Files value="788" />

<Digitally-Signed value="734" />

<Artemis value="33" />

<Known-Files-Database value="0" />

<Suspicious-Files value="2" />

<Not-Scanned value="19" />



<Online value="1" />

<Silent value="0" />

<Contains-Sample value="1" />

<KFDB-Connected value="0" />

<Proxy-Enabled value="0" />

<Execution-Path value="C:\Users\mzink\Documents\McAfee" />

<Zip-Path value="C:\Users\mzink\Documents\McAfee" />



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Re: Ran GetSusp For First Time - ID'd 2 Suspicious Files. What Next???

I moved this to Malware Discussion > Home User Assistance.

GetSusp isn't meant to provide you with readable logs, it submits them to McAfee Labs for analysis and if, in Preferences, you entered your email address, it would let you know the results.

You might want to run a scan using Malwarebytes Free as well to make sure. See the last link below.

To keep it free of charge, do NOT accept the free trial or activate the software, if asked.

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Re: Ran GetSusp For First Time - ID'd 2 Suspicious Files. What Next???


                As my Colleague Ex_Brit explained, please run the McAfee Getsusp Utility, and add your Email Address under "Preferences" before scanning. I might add it is best to close all applications/to include your Browser before scanning.

                 Upon completion of the (Getsusp Scan) you should receive a confirmation with a ( Work Item ID #). Please allow the appropriate  time for your Suspicious/Unknown Detections to be Analyzed/Processed 4-5 business days. Due to the volume of 150,000 plus Detections daily.

                   If not resolved after allowing such said time, please post back your (Work Item ID#) and we can contact a McAfee Labs Technician/Engineer and quite possibly expedite the process.

All the Very Best


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