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$RECYCLE.BIN and System volume information Virus


       I already have Mcafee internet security installed on my laptop. All of a sudden now all my partition of internal hard drive have a folder $RECYCLE.BIN and System volume information. help me to remove it

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Re: $RECYCLE.BIN and System volume information Virus

@ dhruvvekaria,

                    Please read the following statements from the Microsoft Communities


                    how to remove $Recycle.Bin virus - Microsoft Community

                    It is recommended that if you are suspicious that you indeed have a Virus/Trojan run

                    Malwarebytes (Free) or Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool-MRT

                    Malwarebytes (Free) and other Superb McAfee tools can be found in the link Below (Free)


                      I would further recommend Running the Latest Stinger (Read how to download/install/run)

                      Followed by McAfee Getsusp ( Please remember to enter your Email Address under

                       "Preferences" before scanning.


Edited: to add Link by (Catdaddy)

Wishing you all the very best,



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Re: $RECYCLE.BIN and System volume information Virus


Before trying the free tools please check if the below options are checked in your PC. To open this window Press Windows + R to open Run dialogue, type control folders and hit Enter

hidden files.png

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